Hello Everyone.

If you are not Japanese, you  speak English, it  cost you free when English conversation cafe time. Fridays6:30pM~8:00PM,Sundays2:30PM~4:00PM

Stop by Carolina English Cafe.


Tuesday English cafe time. 6:30~8:00PM (need  a reservation.)

Wednesday,  Jasper is coming at 6:30~8:00PM (need a reservation.)

Thursday, 6:30~8:00PM (need a reservation.)

Friday, 6:30~8:00PM Usually American teacher is here.

Sunday 2:30~4:00PM

Please join us!!

This is DJ Kazz  I am owner of English speaking cafe.

Sometimes, we have  American people in here ,Carolina cafe.

Regular cafe time is 10:30AM~9:00PM.

English conversation cafe starts 6:30PM~8:00PM on weekdays.

2:30PM~4:00 on Sundays.

If you are looking for Japanese friends , this is  a great place to find.

If you come to spend time in English cafe with us, you don`t have to pay  and you can have one drink.

Please contact with us. 080-1558-4939