6/21nico cafe

 13:00~  20分ぐらい、ミニ英会話をする予定です。
 そのため、来週の木曜日のオープン時間が、17:00~からとなります。 皆様にご迷惑おかけしますので、よろしくお願いします。
really と leery groveとglobe

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  1. Steady Eddie より:

    Hi Kazz, how have you been?
    I’m “Eddie” who is a member of the Suzuka English Cafe. Do you remember me?
    I visited your website for the first time in few months.
    I hope that your business is successful more than you expected.
    See you again!

    1. kazzmorin より:

      Hi Thank you for the comments. Of course I remember you. How R U? My business is slow like a turtle.

      Hopefully, we can see you at June 27th Wednesday!!
      see you soon.


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