Kameyama McDonald`s

Hello everybody, We are having  a guy who has stayed over sea two years at 6:30 today. 大きく、ドライブスルー営業中の看板が。。。

Please join us!!

Well, Guess what?

I went to McDonald’s It says Drive through only.

OK. I know, It has been a while,  McDonald’s hasn’t  opened in  the store.

So I went to  the other side of entrance, then “What???””

Closed on 14th???

Today is 15th. What???

Oh,no. It says closed 10/14~End of December???

what??????????~~~~.Oh, my gooooooodness!!!

I guess Kameyama people banned for almost 2 months.

what a hell, No Wendy`s no McDonald’s,No burgerking, No taco bell…….

I guess I had eaten so many first food such as bad as my health.

I should find better food damn it!!





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